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There is a lot of information to learn and revise for any examination. Religious Studies has large amounts of information as there are many different religious views, beliefs and teachings which need to be understood. Summarising information can help you to revise effectively, highlight key ideas and ensure that you learn the relevant information thoroughly. It can also make revising easier, more manageable and give you confidence with your knowledge. Summarising is an easy revision method which makes notes more manageable and identifies key knowledge.

Methods of summarising


Summarising can take a variety of forms and it is important that each student finds the best method for them. Some methods are outlined below:

·         Spider diagrams/concept maps – this method of summarising information involves a key idea being placed in the middle of the page and related ideas being written around. A variety of words and pictures can be used and key ideas can be linked together by way of connected lines. Branches of information can be shown and colour coding used to show connections.

·         Bullet points – this is a relatively simple method of taking a key idea and bullet pointing information underneath it. This can again be colour coded and the points can be short and snappy.

·         Revision flashcards – this is a good method of testing knowledge. Key concepts and ideas can be included on a card to help students remember information and make connections between ideas. Key words especially work well using this method of summary.


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